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Time Pieces are the main collectable items in A Hat in Time, they serve as fuel for Hat Kid's Space Ship.

They are little hourglass pieces which have a light blue inside, but in Death Wish Mode, they are purple in color.


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The following contains spoilers for A Hat in Time.

Time Pieces are used to fuel Hat Kid's ship, and can also be used to rewind time. The first instance this is seen is in Act 4 of Mafia Town, where Mustache Girl accidentally drops one, breaking it when asking what it does. She then explains how this can be used to become 'Crime-Fighting Time-Travellers', but Hat Kid refuses, sending Mustache Girl into a rage, promising she'll collect all the Time Pieces for herself and restore justice to the world.

When Hat Kid has at least 25 Time Pieces, Mustache Girl will infiltrate her space ship and she is playable for a little while. She discovers Hat Kid's vault which stores all her Time Pieces. She then breaks them, transforming the planet to a lava-filled wasteland. Hat Kid must then traverse through Mustache Girl's palace until she reaches the throne room, where Mustache Girl is sitting on a throne which has Time Pieces piled up on it.

After Hat Kid defeats Mustache Girl, she will collect a cluster of Time Pieces, where she flies around it and does a few victory poses, before slamming it down onto the ground.

When Hat Kid reaches the space ship again, after deciding whether or not to give Mustache Girl a Time Piece or not, she will press a few keys on her ship's dashboard, and all her Time Pieces will fly into the vault. She then uses these to fly back home.


  • The Time Pieces have little top hats on them.
  • There are currently 56 Time Pieces in total in the game, with 40 without the DLCs.
  • Time Pieces that have crashed somewhere will create a blue Time Rift, while Time Pieces that have hit someone in the head will create a purple Time Rift, with the rift being filled with the persons thoughts, dreams and past. This is evident in the Mafia of Cooks Time Rift.