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The Snatcher in the final intro of subcon forest

The Snatcher is an important character in the third chapter Subcon Forest of A Hat in Time. He is the ruler of Subcon Forest and he steals Hat Kid's soul so he can use it to make her do tasks for him, and is the main antagonist of chapter 3.


The Snatcher is a large shadowy figure with a long frill around his neck, two yellow eyes and a large smiling yellow mouth with two fangs sticking down.


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The following contains spoilers for A Hat in Time.

Before the events of the game, the Subcon Forest was a kingdom full of life and was supposedly ruled by a Queen and her daughter, Princess Vanessa. Princess Vanessa was courting a Prince, who she started to obsess over. Soon the princess started to feel jealous of the prince, to the point that she would prohibit the Prince of eating bacon or seeing his particular tutor. The Princess (who later was crowned Queen Vanessa) started to be corrupted by her jealousy, until one day she saw the Prince holding the hand of another woman (though he was simply buying flowers for the Princess). Heartbroken, she ran back to the manor. When the Prince returned she imprisoned him in the Manor's basement as punishment where he died, presumably becoming the Snatcher.

Boss Battle

The Snatcher boss fight will start with him stealing Hat Kid's hat, meaning the player can't use any of your hats' abilities (sprinting, throwing potions, etc.) during the battle. During the first phase of the boss fight the Snatcher is invincible, making the player simply try to stay alive. He will use the following attacks: He will attack the ground in certain areas with a blast of energy that erupts out of the ground after a few seconds. Snatcher summons two crowds of his minions that will spin around the arena as he directs them. As his last attack of the first phase, he will summon varying amounts of potions that detonate when hitting the ground. First he will summon a few accurate flasks. If the player is still alive he will summon 'a thousand' inaccurate flasks. Finally he will summon just a single flask. If the player avoids it he will make it float above Hat Kid's head, telling her to give it a chance. This attack can be avoided by simply running.

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  • The Snatcher was voiced by the Youtuber Yungtown.
  • The Snatcher was a lot different during the Alpha of the game. The Snatcher appeared only as a shadow in the walls and didn't even have a 3D model like he does in the final game. His role was also different in the alpha where he was going to be a creature that wanted to take control over Subcon Forest and knew the origins of the Moonjumper. But since the Moonjumper was removed of the game his role was given to the Snatcher.
  • In the artwork for The Music of A Hat in Time The Snatcher appears in the top left corner, while Queen Vanesa is in the bottom right corner.
  • The book the Snatcher is reading in his house is entitled "How to kill kids". The inside of the book simply shows a knife and a bottle of poison.
  • He hosts the "Seal the Deal" DLC Deathwish challenge. Where the player must collect 111 contracts to take back the Hat Kid's soul which he took during the challenge.

He really wanted Hat Kid to leave and take the time peices but instead Hat Kid wanted to be his best friend. The Snatcher was so mad and still wanted Hat Kid to leave. He also appeared with The Conductor and a mafia goon at the end asking Hat Kid to stay.