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Mafia.png "Mafia look at little child. Mafia see loser."

During development of A Hat in Time, various parts of the game were scrapped due to time constraints, or to improve the flow of gameplay.


Removed Characters

  • Tim: CEO of Time, he was originally a narrator and tutor to the player, seen during Prototype gameplay. He was removed extremely early in development, but his model is recycled as one of Queen Vanessa's frozen victims, seen in her manor's master bathroom.
  • Timmy: Was going to appear in Chapter 3: Subcon Forest but was removed due to his character becoming irrelevant for the story of the Chapter. He was also in the game files as "CoPartner," before Bow Kid debuted in Seal the Deal to fill the role of a co-op partner.

Reworked Characters

  • Science Owls: The Science owls were reworked as the Express Owls, but they are still mentioned by some characters in the final game. The internal name of the Train Rush music is still "Crazy Science Owls," from when the Conductor's train was the "Science Train."
  • Receptionist: The Receptionist at Dead Bird Studio was originally the railroad engineer on the train, and his name in the modding tools still reflects this.
  • Moonjumper: Was to be a central character in Chapter 3: Subcon Forest. The character was removed, and part of his history was incorporated into The Snatcher.
  • Thor: An inventor residing in Mafia Town. He would have been featured in the cut fourth chapter, "Sand and Sails," where Hat Kid would drive a vehicle of his design. His hat is still in the game, recycled as a flair for the Sprint Hat. His full character model remains in the files, as well.
  • Oldster: An old man with a shadowy face and gray hair, wearing nothing but underwear. His model and animations are still in the game's files, but he was completely replaced by the Goofy Mafia, who Hat Kid pursues as a "space alien," in the act, "She Came From Outer Space."


Removed Enemies

  • Robot Janitor: A tall, imposing looking robot, who mopped doorways and stairways during the rainy act of Mafia Town. If Hat Kid got too close to its workspace, the robot began aggressively chasing her.
  • Robot Shark: Was originally intended to hurt Hat Kid keeping her from going too far from Mafia Town through its waters, but it was removed when an drowning mechanic was added. Its model and textures are still in the files, but no coded behavior or UnrealScript exists.
  • Alternative Mafia: Internally named the "Groovy Mafia," they wore orange shirts and bell-bottom pants, to contrast from the Mafia's blue pinstripes and red ties. Their models and materials are all still present, and use the same rigging and animations as the regular Mafia.

Reworked Enemies

  • Rough Patch: A catlike enemy with glowing, yellow facial features, disguised as a thorny bush. Originally to appear in Subcon Forest, it would sometimes leave its position to chase an unaware player. Most of its design was reused for the invincible Headless Statue enemy.
  • Flower: A glowing flower found in Subcon Forest, which would sprout purple thorns and trap Hat Kid, until it was defeated. It is seen in Gears For Breakfast's Alpha release trailer. The enemy was removed, but the traps are still used by The Snatcher, for forcing the player into signing contracts.

Chapter changes

Mafia Town

  • Acts one and two were originally a single act.
  • Originally had a different soundtrack, composed by Eric Gleiser.
  • Hat Kid was going to recover her Umbrella, instead of a Time Piece, in act 1.
  • Two cut missions are still referenced in the game files.
    • Hat Kid had to recover a box of kittens, described in the file "Hat_MiniMissionKittenHunt." A model of the kittens is still in the final game's files, at the time of writing.
    • Hat Kid had to collect red neckties, for the Mafia. Localization strings describing the ties are still in the game, as well as a model of a single necktie.

Battle of the Birds

Battle of the Birds was to be the third chapter in the game, but it was swapped with Subcon Forest and instead became Chapter 2.

  • the dead bird receptionist would've originally drove the train.
  • The train was originally called "the science express" before being renamed to "the owl Express." The name is referenced on a poster in the credits.
  • the act wasn't originally about making movies.

Subcon Forest

  • in the cut 3rd floor of queen vanessa's manor the Snatcher was to shapeshift into a shadowy doppelganger of Hat Kid, and steal a key in the middle of Vanessa's Manor. The player had to defeat him by switching on lights, causing Shadow Hat Kid to dissolve and drop the key.
  • The cut floor of Queen Vanessa's Manor is still accessible using cheats.
  • Unused charecters can be seen in the manor in a icy state such as Tim, thor, and oldster.
  • there are 3 unused plant monsters that can be seen in sleepy subcon with a purple goop on them. One of the plants is stationary while the other would go underground and reappear next to you while the one in the middle may have chased you around.

Alpine Skyline

Alpine Skyline was originally a desert chapter, named "Sand and Sails." This is still evidenced by the internal name of the act in the game's modding tools, "AlpsAndSails."

  • Alpine skyline goats were originally able to use the flags to get around.


  • Adult Hat Kid: Hat Kid originally appeared as an adult, during the cut "Time's End Bookstore" ending of the game. Her adult model is still present in the modding tools.
  • Free swimming: Hat Kid could freely dive and surface, in the 2013 Prototype. Her swimming controls and limitations are greatly simplified in the finished game, more resembling those in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.
  • Riding fireworks: In the 2013 Prototype, and in early testing footage, Hat Kid could ride through the air on rocket-shaped fireworks found in Mafia Town. Hat Kid would lose control of the firework, once a HUD meter was depleted.
  • Hub world: In testing footage of the game, a completely different hub world is shown. Hat Kid is not yet portrayed as an interstellar visitor, but only a time traveler, so she reaches acts through a giant hourglass, instead of a space ship.
  • Pons: There was originally only one type of Pon pickup, instead of distinct green gems (money) and red hearts (health). It was red, and contained a spiral shape. It is visible in the Prototype and Alpha release trailer.