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Mafia.png "Mafia look at little child. Mafia see loser."

Mustache Girl
Mugirl 300p.png

Artwork from A Hat in Time

Species Human
Gender Female
Ocupation Rebel
Role Main Antagonist
Voiced by Eileen Montgomery
Appears in:
Ch 1: Mafia Town 3 Acts
Ch 5: Time's End 1 Act

Mustache Girl is a character in A Hat in Time. She is a girl who lives in Mafia Town that befriended Hat Kid until she discovered the power of the Time Pieces, becoming her enemy.


Much like her name implies, Mustache Girl is a kid with a mustache (unknown if it's fake or not), blonde hair divided in two ponytails, a red cape and a pink dress with light purple highlights. Mustache Girl also has a golden medalion with a star symbol on it.
Personality wise, Mustache Girl is a energetic kid that does well with other kids, but her vendetta with the Mafia show her inclination to take things to a more violent side.


Before A Hat in Time

Before the events of the game Mustache Girl lived a peaceful live in the island, until the invasion of the Mafia forced all the people who lived there to go away or to hide.

Mafia Town

Mustache Girl is first shown right after Hat Kid has fallen from her Spaceship into Mafia Town. After Hat Kid chase her, Mustache Girl confronts Hat Kid saying that kids should stick together and not stalk one another, she then ask her if she was responsible for all the "Junk" that has been falling from the sky and decide to helps her find the first Time Piece that she recover.

Mustache Girl next appears in Act 2 of Mafia Town: Barrel Battle where she is captured by the Mafia. After rescuing Mustache Girl she decides to join forces with Hat Kid to recover the Time Pieces, she then appears on Hat Kid's Space Ship to discuss her violent plan to take down the mafia.

Mustache Girl then appears on the Act 4 of Chapter 1 by helping Hat Kid infiltrate on the Mafia Headquarters, where she is captured yet again and is up to Hat Kid to defeat the Mafia Boss and rescue her. After the boss is defeated, Hat Kid recovers the Time Piece which is quickly taken by Mustache Girl who accidentally drops it, activating the Time Piece's power and making time goes back a few instants. After the shock of this discovery, Mustache Girl gets excited with the idea of using the power of the Time Pieces to wipe the Mafia from existence, but to the surprise of Mustache Girl, Hat Kid refuses to help her, which makes her so infuriated that she swears to take all the Time Pieces for herself in order to free the island from the mafia, and leaves stealing half of Hat Kid's Pons.

Time's End

Conductor.png "Oh ho hoooo, look what we got here! A wee spoiler!"
The following contains spoilers for A Hat in Time.

The next time we see Mustache Girl is after Hat Kid has recovered 25 of the Time Pieces, where she infiltrates the spaceship and, for a brief while, is playable as she goes to the vault where the Time Pieces are stored, opens it up, and then decides to "mess with time a little", leading to the creation of Time's End, the final Chapter of the game.

She is next seen in Time's End, right at the very end of the level, judging over a Mafia member who she drops through a trap door, before calling for the next person to come to her - which would be Hat Kid. She allows Hat Kid to live and leave, but if Hat Kid then tries to go up to her, she will change her mind and start to fight her, using the powers of the Time Pieces to gain an unfair advantage over Hat Kid. However, thanks to all the other bad guys helping her out, Hat Kid is able to defeat Mustache Girl and recover the stolen Time Pieces, which she then uses to reset the timeline.

Finally, during the ending, Hat Kid has the option to drop a single Time Piece to Mustache Girl, who's currently in the very same spot where Hat Kid landed the first time in Mafia Town - even though doing so might mean she'll never be able to get home. However, this does not affect the ending (as of yet) nor how many Time Pieces Hat Kid has after the ending.

Spoilers end here



  • Mustache Girl's lines were completly re-recorded from the Alpha version of the game.
  • Mustache Girl design could be slightly based on Little Red Riding Hood.
  • Mustache Girl Red motif and Hat Kid's dark blue motif could be a reference to other rival characters in video games (like Dante and Vergil from Devil May Cry or Sonic and Knuckles in Sonic the Hedgehog).
  • It is unknown on why she has a mustache? It is possible that she was born with it, or wears it as a disguise from the Mafia.