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Mafia.png "Mafia look at little child. Mafia see loser."

Hat "Loli" Kid

Artwork from A Hat in Time

Species Alien (Humanoid)
Gender Smug Female Child
Ocupation Traveler
Role Playable
Voiced by Apphia Yu
Appears in:
Playable Character

Hat Kid is the protagonist, and main character in A Hat in Time. She travels through space, and has the ability to manipulate time.


Much like her name implies, She is a kid that wears several hats, the main one being a Top Hat with a yellow stripe on it, she has brown hair divided in two bangs on the front and a ponytail(which apparently has a bone in it) on the back, a yellow cape and a dark blue coat and grey trousers.
Although Hat Kid is a silent protagonist, she shows to be a very energetic and playful little kid from the few voice lines she speaks, and in some cutscenes, much like her rival, she doesn't like the Mafia, and she teases them when she passes by one.


The Space Ship

Hat Kid is traveling back home on her spaceship when suddenly a Mafia Goon comes to the spaceship in order to take a toll for crossing over Mafia Town, but Hat Kid just closes the window on his face, making him so angry that he smashes down the window of the spaceship, dragging not only Hat Kid, but all of the Time Pieces that were keeping the Space Ship running.

Mafia Town

Hat kid falls out of her spaceship and goes to mafia town. She can watch, how a girl with a mustache finds a time piece.

Subcon Forest

Hat kid chases a mysterious figure and lands in a trap. The Snatcher steals her soul and when she completes her missions she must battle him to get it back.

Battle of the Birds

In Dead Bird Studio she stars in the Conductors and DJ Grooves movies. Depending on whoever wins, she has to fight them

Alpine Skyline

This level is a "free roam" where you parkour around the mountains of Alpine Skylines and collect Time Pieces. There are five main areas and a few horns. Four of the main areas house a Time Piece, there is the Lava Cake, the Birdhouse, the Twilight Bell and the Windmill.

Time's End

After collecting 25 of the Time Pieces, Hat Kid returns to her spaceship only to find that the vault that the Time Pieces were being stored was broken into and that the world below had vastly changed. But, she's still able to get power to the Attic restored, which allows her to finally follow Mustache Girl into the new timeline to face off against her once and for all.

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The following contains spoilers for A Hat in Time.

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Movement Abilites:

Wall jump
Double jump

dive umbrella hover homing attack

Additional move upgrades:

Ground pound


  • This hat lets Hat Kid lock on the main Time Piece of the act.
  • Sprint Hat
  • This hat allow Hat Kid to sprint, and it can be upgraded with a badge to summon a scooter.
  • Brewing Hat
  • This hat gives Hat Kid the ability to create explosive concoctions that explode when launched.
  • Ice hat
  • This hat lets Hat Kid turn into an ice figure that can interact with special platforms around the Chapters.
  • Dweller's Mask
  • This mask lets Hat Kid stand on green platforms which normally are intangible, and to pass through purple walls and objects.
  • Time Stop Hat
  • This hat allows Hat Kid to slow down time to a crawl for everyone barring herself,


  • Fast Hatter Badge
  • No Bonk Badge
  • Scooter Badge
  • Hover Badge


  • Umbrella

Baseball Bat

Palette Swaps

green blue and red black pink yellow


Hat Kid Concept

  • At one point of development, the game was going to have a mechanic where Hat Kid would travel back and forward in time changing between Kid version and Adult version, but the idea was scrapped for the final game.
  • But the 3D model of Adult Hat Kid is still in the game, and can be access for creating modes.
  • If you check Hat Kid's diary after compleating Act 3: Picture Perfect, she states that she is not good at singing.
  • She could be a parody of The Doctor from the famous BCC show Doctor Who.
  • The 'Peace & Tranquility' dance has now become a meme with Aaron Smith's "Dancin (KRONO Remix)" mix into it.