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Intro to the first part of the Act

Act 1: Dead Bird Studios(?) is the first(?) Act of Chapter 2: Battle of the Birds in A Hat in Time, but is only 'unlocked' after completing Award Ceremony and then receiving a mysterious phone call from someone...


The Act starts with Hat Kid arriving at Dead Bird Studios at night, when it's closed, and no filming is taking place. The route through the level is similar to how it was in Dead Bird Studios, but dive jumping is needed to cross over a gap. Eventually, Hat Kid will reach an elevator which she can enter and will lead her down into the basement, to the real Act 6 of Battle of the Birds.

Act 6: Award Ceremony

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The following contains spoilers for A Hat in Time.

Intro to the second part of the Act

Act 6: Award Ceremony is the true final Act of Chapter 2: Battle of the Birds in A Hat in Time, which is accessed after completing the first part of Dead Bird Studios(?).


Hat Kid must now explore the basement of Dead Bird Studios, and eventually find out the truth behind the war between DJ Grooves and The Conductor - DJ believes that The Conductor had cheated him out of the first 41 movie awards, while The Conductor is unhappy about losing award #42 to DJ Grooves. And whichever one won the most recent Bird Movie Awards has got it in their head to use a Time Piece to 'correct' history - DJ Grooves wants to use it to win the awards which he believes The Conductor cheated him out of, while The Conductor wants to undo the loss of Award 42. This leads to an eventual boss fight against the winner.

The Boss Fight

DJ Grooves Boss Intro

The Conductor Boss Intro

Regardless of who wins, the boss fight is very similar. DJ Grooves or The Conductor will use jump attacks, knives, disco balls which drop down and create shockwaves, photo replicas which can still hurt...

Eventually, the boss will offer Hat Kid a chance for a Heart to Heart where they explain why they want a Time Piece, and Hat Kid has the option to say that they could maybe have one, or that they can't. If she says they can't, they call her out for being selfish, and that if she wants to get it back, she'd have to take it from them. Otherwise, if she says that they could maybe have one, they would be happy but will explain that now they have to take her out because she knows their secret.

Either way, they'd strap the bomb from Train Rush to Hat Kid, and now she has about 100 seconds left once they explain about the bomb. She has to hit them enough until whoever had lost comes into play and offers to defuse the bomb, eventually getting some scissors which would disarm the bomb, and start the final phase, which is based on The Big Parade as Hat Kid is being followed by murderous owls with knives, but a few more hits to the boss will stop them and finally give the final main Time Piece of the chapter.


  • The hitbox for The Conductor is exactly the same as it is for DJ Grooves, which implies that it is normally intended for DJ Grooves to be the winner, and for The Conductor to be the bomb defuser.