Battle of the Birds Act 1: Dead Bird Studios

"Mafia look at little child. Mafia see loser."

Intro to the act

Act 1: Dead Bird Studios is the first Act of Chapter 2:Battle of the Birds in A Hat in Time.


The Act starts with the Hat Kid arriving at Dead Bird Studios where she witnesses a heated argument between The Conductor and DJ Grooves over who is going to win the Movie awards, they then show their new movie props which are Time Pieces that had recently fallen from the sky. After a sneak around in the studio, Hat Kid finds Dj Grooves, who is intrigued by the presence of a little girl in the studio, but he gets the idea to make Hat Kid the new star of his movie, so he gives her a Bird Passport and tears her debt list apart. But The Conductor, who was listening to the conversation, decides to use Hat Kid for the Owls movie too, and to give her the Time Piece of the Act.


Badge Seller

  • location: At the Dead Bird studio's lobby.


  • The owl on the balcony of Dead Bird Studios is voiced by Jon Tron.
  • Prior to the time when the Conductor's Train was going to be called the Science Train, this NPC was going to be a railroad engineer on the train.
  • Originally Jon Tron was going to voice a penguin, but it got changed in the final game.
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